Closet Concepts Feature in Ghent Living Magazine

Closet Concepts Feature in Ghent Living Magazine

For anyone who wants to start 2018 by becoming more organized, our sponsor, Closet Concepts, can help you make a smart first step!

Bill Baker, the owner of Closet Concepts, had to decide what he wanted to do for a living upon selling his check-cashing business to a national chain. After working in different positions within the closet industry, receiving advanced training and attending trade shows, he decided his knowledge was comprehensive enough to start his own business, and, in 2010, Closet Concepts was born.

Bill shares, “I’m the only closet designer in the area who is certified by the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals (ACSP) as a Registered Storage Designer (RSD). My company uses computerized design software that produces scale drawings with overhead, elevation, and 3D views of a closet or storage space. Almost every product I sell has a lifetime warranty to the purchaser. My goal is to make the closet-design experience very easy for the customer.”

First Bill will come to your home or office and talk with you about what you want to achieve; then he will take careful measurements of the space and start asking questions – a lot of questions. After measuring or counting the contents of the closet and make recommendations based on what you have told him, you will feel comfortable that he has listened and is building a closet specifically to your needs. He adds, “I call it a boutique experience. I’m the designer for every project we do. I provide detailed drawings and pricing soon after visiting your home. There is no charge for the initial consultation.” Bill doesn’t stop there. He will give you his cell phone number to call if you ever have a question or concern, before, during, or after the job has been completed.

Who doesn’t need more organized storage? Closet Concepts can help you maximize your storage for most any space. Whether it’s a closet, pantry, Murphy bed, laundry room, garage, child’s room, media center, or most any other space, Bill’s years of experience can make your life simpler.

Bill and his wife, Ellen, have been married for 30 years. She helps him with the business, and, as he says, “She helps keep me straight.” They have two children, Nick, 19, a sophomore at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, and Taylor, 29, an attorney in Hot Springs, VA.

Bill is lucky enough to be able to say something all of us would like to say: “I wish I had discovered this business 20 years ago. I love doing it, the best job I’ve ever had.”

For more information:
850 W. 40th St., Norfolk 23508 (hours by appointment)

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